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Parrot Behavior Consulting

I'm excited to announce that I am now offering Parrot Behavior Consulting. I am taking the over 10 years of experience working with parrots along with my professional mentorship under the guidance of the fabulous Pamela Clark, CPBC to bring consulting for parrot owners in Nassau County!

Things I can help with: 

General Care & Enrichment

  • Includes topics like diet, cage design, and more!

Parrot Aggression

  • We can assist with behaviors like biting, lunging, etc.

Parrot Screaming

  • We can help you tackle undesirable vocalizations.

The Process

1. Fill out a service request form

2. Schedule the appointment

3. Fill out the intake form

  • Please complete at least 48 hours before your appointment so I can prepare for your session.

4. Consultation Day via Zoom

5. Follow-Up

  • Consultations include 1 month of custom follow-up via email or text to implement the new suggestions.

Parrot Consultation Pricing

Includes 2-hour zoom session with 1 month of follow-up support.


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