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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Exotic Pets You Don't Want to Miss in 2022

'Tis the season to start planning your holiday shopping, and what better time to look for deals online during Cyber Monday? Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. On Cyber Monday, which lands on November 28 this year, and in the days and even weeks leading up to it, stores offer great sales and discounted items on a wide range of products, including items for that special exotic pet in your life.

This post includes some of our favorites for 2022.

Amazon wastes no time when it comes to preparing us for the holiday shopping season. Between its recent second Prime Day in early October and many other sales events that have been happening since then. The online retail giant is expected to continue rolling out deals ahead of Black Friday.

Amazon is always great for Black Friday and pre-Black Friday pet deals. Below are some of our favorite exotic pet holiday gifts to look for this holiday season.

Bird parents will love the wood bird play stand and playground from QBLEEV. But, most importantly, your exotic bird will love it too. Exotic bird playgrounds like this one allow your bird to get much-needed exercise and help in socialization, both of which are integral to their physical and mental well-being. This excellent wood gym is sturdy, safe, and stable, comes in two sizes, and now starts at just $42.99.

For your exotic bird's stocking, consider the BWOGUE Bird Swing Toys with Bells 5-pack set, which includes various chewing, hanging, and swinging toys to keep your birds engaged and occupied. This set is perfect for parakeets, finches, cockatiels, and more. This 5-pack toy bundle starts at $12.99.

These great chewing and foraging toys for small birds are another great stocking stuffer for exotic birds. All four toys will keep your pet engaged and enriched. This four-piece set of shredder toys is currently $12.14.

This reptile sleeping bag, which comes with a pillow and blanket, isn't only adorable, but it is also pretty useful, particularly for Bearded Dragons, Geckos, and other reptiles who enjoy a comfy, warm sleep space. The YUYUSO Reptile Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Blanket is now $16.90.

Whether you have a family member that is a guinea pig, a hedgehog, a chinchilla, a rabbit, a hamster, or a rat, they will surely love the super soft and plush Orangdogo guinea pig bed. This incredibly warm and snuggly item comes in an array of adorable styles and colors and costs just $27.50.

The Niteangel Snack Ball is a fantastic boredom buster for your rat, guinea pig, rabbit, hedgehog, or other small pet. This terrific treat ball with an adjustable opening allows you to place your pet's favorite treat inside and regulate the flow while keeping them entertained for hours on end, stimulating them mentally and physically. Get yours now for just $10.99.

Amazon currently has a wide range of pet camera choices to suit all of your exotic pet needs. When it comes to pet cameras, many pet parents think of monitoring the behavior of their cats and dogs when everyone is out of the house. However, a pet camera can act as a window into the behavior of exotic pets home alone throughout the day. From their activities to their body language, keeping an eye on them will allow you to determine whether or not your exotic pet is facing challenges throughout the day. A pet camera can bring peace of mind to you and help your pet in the long run.

Every year, Petco offers some of the best Black Friday deals around, with great exotic pet gifts to choose from. Petco's Black Friday sale usually starts earlier than other typical Black Friday sales, on the Monday before Thanksgiving through the following Saturday or while inventories last. This year, Petco's Black Friday deals, where you can save up to 50% on certain exotic pet products, will run from November 21 to November 26.

Exotic Nutrition is an excellent company specializing in exotic pet supplies, including species-specific food, supplements, treats, toys, cages, and accessories. Exotic Nutrition offers some of the most nutritionally complete exotic animal food formulas on the market.

Exotic Nutrition's holiday deal weekend will begin on Black Friday and continue through Cyber Monday, with up to 50% off on hundreds of in-stock items, including treats, toys, mealworms, exotic pet foods, cages, and more, at the lowest prices of the year. Sale prices become active on Friday, November 25, at 12:01 a.m. and remain until Monday, November 28, at 11:59 p.m.

These are just a few great holiday gift ideas and Black Friday deals expected this year from Amazon, Petco, and Exotic Nutrition. Of course, wherever you shop and however you celebrate, make the most of the time you spend with your exotic pet, and remember to keep them safe this holiday season!


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