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Adopt a Cat: The Best Rescues & Shelters in Nassau County, NY

Nassau County is best known for its friendly population, landscapes, and interactive atmosphere. Another popular characteristic of this county's people is their love of animals. You will find all sorts of animals as pets in this area, but cats are perhaps the most popular.

Most cat parents you will find in Nassau County love having cats because they make wonderful companions. For example, most pet kittens and cats love spending time with their parents and will physically show their love and attachment to you.

In most cases, cats are easy to care for, which is why people love adopting them. However, the place you adopt the cats from also matters.

Choosing the Best Rescues and Shelters in Nassau County

June is Adopt a Cat Month, which is why this is a great time to head out to rescues and shelters in Nassau Country to adopt a cat and become a pet parent. Many shelters and rescues are full as we are coming out of kitten season, where many cats have had babies and now they are abandoned and looking for homes. We have compiled a list of a few rescues in the county for you to look to find your next rescue kitty to adopt.

Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter

The Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter is a popular option for most cat lovers in Nassau because of its professional services. They operate all days apart from weekends and holidays under their state-of-the-art cat care facility.

They properly provide care for all cats and house the sick separately for care and treatment. The entire shelter has an air filtration plan, which refreshes the air every 15 minutes!

You can find strays, lost and found animals, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) cats, and other kittens for pet parents looking for adoption. Programs and events allow cat parents to choose any cat they like and want to keep as their own in their loving homes.

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter is best known for its wider variety of interesting and loving cat pet choices from which pet parents can choose. If you are a cat mother or father that does not care about the cat breed and just needs a loving pet cat for yourself, this shelter is your best option.

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter has an excellent reputation for providing on-site care to their pets. You can also check out their cat breed page if you are looking for a particular cat breed and want to ensure that you get a healthy and happy furry friend to complete your home or family.

They have added information about each cat separately and really cute photographs of the cats awaiting you. Go check them out!

Posh Pets Rescue

Posh Pets Rescue is a non-profit organization that has been operating since 2006, dedicated to the rehabilitation of pets. They have helped thousands of pet animals find the right pet parent for their lives and helped them get the life they deserve.

They have a more comprehensive network of foster care homes that provide care for these rescued animals until a loving individual comes along to adopt these furry animals.

Posh Pets Rescue has managed to complete the lives of several families by helping them find the best cat pets according to their family needs. They also have a No-Kill shelter on Long Island and the Westchester adoption center. The organization is also operating in multiple locations in New York, thanks to mobile adoption services offered by the organization.

They set up pets for adoption with deserving families irrespective of their breed, age, origin, or history, because every cat deserves a loving and comfortable life. They have an effective adoption process that helps filter out deserving candidates for cat adoption. You can read the full details (with photos!) on their website and adopt a pet friend for your family today.

Camp Happy Tails NYC Rescue

Camp Happy Tails NYC Rescue focuses on rescued puppies and dogs with no place to go, but we just couldn’t leave them out! They provide care for these pups and help them find new homes and families that will take care of these pets.

They are now following social distancing protocols properly, which is why they allow only one pet parent to come for adoption at a time. This makes the area less filled and the process much smoother than you would imagine.

They have an adoption process involving sending your detailed home & personal information in a formal e-mail when you wish to adopt a dog for yourself. A home visit will be scheduled and then you can move to a meet & greet with your own pets and family to ensure a great fit. Contact them to get started today!

Long Beach Humane Society

Long Beach Humane Society rescues cats and kittens for parents that want to adopt a new furry family member. The organization operates with the aim that all cats deserve a home and should not live in these shelters. Therefore, they focus on rehabilitating these rescued cats with deserving families as much as possible.

They take care of everything from Heartworm disease, which is a common problem for cats and dogs alike. They provide food, medical treatment, and shelter while adoptable cats wait for their forever homes. Because they stay busy - and often full - they have many cats and kittens for you to choose from when you wish to adopt one. Their operation hours are as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sundays: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You can check more information on their official site and book an adoption appointment with them per your schedule.

Finding Your Next Furry Family Member

When looking to adopt a cat or kitten, check online for the latest hours of operation for the centers and choose one that best fits your needs. Print out any online applications that may be available to speed up your adoption process.

When times get busy, or you have to travel for work or vacation, you can always contact us, and we will help you in any way possible. Make sure you always request services from reputable pet professionals, like us, when looking for pet care while you are away from home.

Happy Adopting!


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